Please Don’t Mistake Me For Actress Susan Sarandon

Please Don’t Mistake Me For Actress Susan Sarandon
susan sarandon

I’m not Susan Sarandon, a public figure.

[UPDATED 9/28/2015]  This post is in response to the unknown author who put up a WordPress blog about me several years ago people have questioned me about on occasion. I’m not a public figure, nor conducting a campaign for public office though one would think such a blog appropriate under such circumstances. I’m not a Hillary Clinton or Susan Sarandon, though some people I’ve met tell me I look a lot like the later. Over time I’ve come to the conclusion the author of the aforesaid blog has apparently been imagining me to have similar strong domineering personalities with these American icon figures that he felt a blog campaign was necessary.

Since 2012, God’s been restoring me as a new follower of Jesus following a serious bike accident that nearly took my life.  God’s restoring me daily after I was convicted by the Holy Spirit of my sins I repented of.  I had written some things on the Internet back in 2007 that upset complete strangers who took issue with me that they decided to cyber stalk and dominate me on the Internet.  I should have ignored and forgiven them instead of filling lawsuits without an attorney. The Word of God doesn’t support the filing of lawsuits, only forgiveness. I wasn’t following God’s Word so I came under His discipline and conviction.

Following a one year recovery of the bike accident in which I suffered several broken bones, two breaks in a femur, six broken ribs, a clavicle and nerve damage to my arm, over a year later in early 2014 had a painful kidney stone blocking my urethra that would require a surgical procedure to remove. It was extremely painful and costly especially following the hospital bills I had in 2012 from a two week hospital visit.

In this pain and adversity God has been guiding me toward spiritual renewal and growth.  I now hunger for knowledge of His Word, fellowship with those in Christ Jesus and to follow Jesus in my daily life. My favorite Pastor is Charles Stanley. I support the work of attorney Jay Sekulow at the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), author Rehta McPhearsen’s Ministry and Ricky Scaparo’s End Time Headlines Ministry.

People have repeatedly told me I look a lot like Susan Sarandon.

People have repeatedly told me I look a lot like Susan Sarandon.Pastors Charles Stanley and David Jeremiah as well as attend and support my own local Church.  I also recently began attending weekly Bible studies over our church sermons and sing Christian praise songs as one with my fellow brothers and sisters.

Whomever has authored the blog under my name on the Internet, I forgive you for it. I just wanted you to know that I’ve moved on and the blog you’ve authored with my name in it has no relevance describing who I am today in Christ Jesus.  Please try to understand this if you’re still writing about someone you think you know, you can only know me by getting to know who Jesus is because I’ve surrendered my life to Him.  My life is now based on God as my rock, I pray for my enemies and seek the Lord’s wisdom in my daily life. Though I’m still in the early phase of my restoration through Jesus, nothing can pull me back into the former hopeless life I was leading without Him.

I do pray for the author of the blog, only God knows who he is, I no longer try to guess or search for psychological profiles on-line of who I believe it might be because it doesn’t matter.  I pray that such person will turn to God for healing over whatever I wrote that hurt and upset them.  I pray they will release this burden on their hearts to God to deal with and not dwell on the past any longer because it’s unhealthy to do so.

I've never been an actress nor sung professionally.

I’ve never been an actress nor sung professionally.

I’ve since learned that reading and memorizing God’s Word works wonders to clean out the filth of sin from our spiritual lives.  Only Jesus can hep this situation.  God’s Word is true as are His promises to those who accept Him and ask for forgiveness as I have.  God knows everything about us and is waiting for each to turn to Him for healing and a new life.

So, whomever authored the blog about me, I will continue to pray for your healing.  God knows who you are, but I don’t. If I pray to God He will answer my prayer to help heal you.  I will be using the rest of this blog for the glory of Jesus in the coming months to facilitate spiritual healing. Jesus came to save all of humanity from eternal hell where Satan will be with his fallen demonic angels after God’s Judgment. God’s true to His Word and it’s certain any human being who rejects Him will end up in eternal suffering without any hope of reconciliation with God. We all have one life to live, one chance to get right with God.

Susan Sarandon

I’m not near to being anything like Susan Sarandon.

I don’t wish my worst enemy eternal hell, a place unfit for any human being to enter because man was created in God’s image.  This is why Jesus paid such a high price to die on a cross for our sins to open the spiritual door to reconcile with God. Without Jesus all of humanity would end up in eternal hell forever.

I urge whomever considers themselves to be an enemy to forgive and release this burden on their hearts and consider the path I’ve taken for the only restoration possible, that is through Jesus Christ, the true Messiah and only way back to God.

“Come now, let’s settle this”,  says the Lord

“Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as
white as snow.

Though they are red like crimson, I will make them white as wool.”

Isaiah 2:18-19

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UPDATE: Daily Cleanse from San Francisco Liberal Filth Necessity

cleanheartSince 2009 I’ve had my own mobile business riding an electric bicycle around San Francisco servicing hospitals, senior homes, jails and local businesses.  In the beginning I relied heavily on the mortgage loan signing industry requiring me to visit people’s homes all over San Francisco 1-4 times a day.  Thankfully,  I’ve since developed a loyal customer base and do very little mortgage loan signings any longer I didn’t enjoy.

Since I began my own business, I’ve encountered the following unfortunate circumstances including recently going blind threatening to end my ability to work.

  1. Broken clavicle, ribs (6), broken femur in two places, nerve damage to arm. (October, 2012)
  2. Kidney stone surgical procedure (February, 2013)
  3. Broken shoulder (July, 2014)
  4. Cataracts surgery (May, 2018)

Since 1978, I’ve been in the work force making a living on my own and, even prior to that, I was working in a youth program through P.V.H.S. for the local community of Palos Verdes Estates, CA.  Therefore I’ve been in the work force over 40 years now.

After all the medical issues recently, one thing that can be appreciated about living in San Francisco is its fine medical community.  Unlike Los Angeles, where I was born and lived until 1995, everything I need access to is within a three block radius including an eye surgery center.  I’m grateful to live where I do but am sad at the growing social decay my now nearly perfect vision presents every day on my eBike rides.

I’m happy to report God has truly blessed me granting his mercy and grace that I was able to obtain support for my health issues and continue to provide services to the local community.  I’m grateful God pulled me through these hard times and my faith has grown exponentially.

Repentance is important to a Christian’s life. For many decades I had been in denial of my sins believing I was a good person.  There is no such thing as a good person without accepting Jesus as Savior who is the truth, life and way.   Sin cannot be cured by good deeds alone, only through faith in what Jesus did at the cross and resurrection for us.  People who believe they are good without Jesus in their lives are deceiving themselves.  It’s possible to have a relationship with our Creator through prayer, fasting and reading His Word. There is no other living God but Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity.

For some of us who grew up in a liberal culture it took a VERY LONG TIME for God to get through our thick skulls and amnesia that He really does exist!!  I’m thankful and grateful for the extended time alotted to me that was necessary for me to repent of a fallen life of endless wandering and negligence of personal responsibilities.  Many find out too late God is real that nothing can be done after they cross over to the other side.  It saddens me to see so many “good” people unwilling to reconsider they aren’t as good as they believe themselves to be based in God’s Word.

Had it not been for the kidney stone surgery especially I would not likely be here since it was blocking my urethra.  In another life threatening circumstance, had it not been for the one foot distance from a car clipping my front eBike tire at 30 mph I wouldn’t be here.

God granted me a second chance (many actually) I’m very grateful for.  Such is why today I’m committed to God’s principles and aware of the daily prayer vigilance necessary to keep the filth of San Francisco out of my soul and spirit.  God has gradually been revealing how good He ever since I had confused him with the god of this world, something many in this day and age do.

God is very loving and kind.  He withholds his wrath we deserve and allows us to live hoping we will repent one day and get to know what He did for us through sacrificing His beloved son to save us since the fall from Eden.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  The Catholic religion is not in any way Christian but man made rooted in ancient Babylon gods and goddesses.  I pray for those who are deceived Catholics, it should be very clear by now and especially based on the latest statements from the current Pope that the Catholic and Jesuits are in not of way of Jesus Christ.

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Cheryl Merrill, Singer/Composer

Ten years ago I wrote, sang and recorded a few songs featuring professional musicians in the San Francisco Bay area Sky Grealis on flute and John Halbleib on fugal horn.  After being gang stalked on the Internet, I gave up singing for a while as the court system disapproved of my music allowing complete strangers to defame me without consequences (except what I was able to conjure up through process of service and a restraining order and one $25K judgment award.)

Back in March, 2018, I decided to post my latest songs on ReverbNation and planned on recording Christian music in the near future.  [UPDATE 7/15/18: I’ve since removed my RN profile after reaching the top 10 artists in San Francisco.  It seems San Francisco isn’t a place I want my songs to be associated with. As soon as I rose to the #10 artist/composer position, Satan began strongly associating San Francisco as a city of poop everywhere with poop avoidance maps.  The city government has since been ruining the city any way it can on the side of drug addicts giving them “safe spaces” leaving the workers to step over their needles and feces, etc.)

I wanted to refer to my other blog  Jesus Saved Cheryl From Hell that has some urgent matters related to the dire end times we’re living in.  My pray life’s been growing a lot, I hope your’s is as well.  The world needs a lot of prayer for Christ’s salvation then ever before and time’s running out!  God bless you!

In Christ Jesus,

Cheryl Merrill

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Cheryl Meril’s Judgment Award – 2010

Capturepage 1 of 2


I’ve been under a lot of scrutiny for several years now and just wanted to put it to rest that there are crazy men who I don’t know who I filed lawsuits against after I became a singer performing in a public venue in 2007 as a recording artist and composer.  I believe both of these men refuse to stop writing things on the Internet in spite of the cases being over for many years now.

This is the outcome  judgment (the link’s published Issuu with details) in the San Francisco civil limited jurisdiction case in 2010.  It shows I was diligent to respond to crazy activities against me professionally with patience.  I obtained a paralegal certificate and conducted the case filing in pro se.

Depositions were conducted on both cases and a subpoena from AT&T confirmed IP evidence.  Much evidence was presented to the Court and Mr. Gray and his girlfriend showed up for the final hearing in order to give me angry looks in line.  The court did not allow either to testify since they never responded to the complaint that went into default even though they agreed to attend the deposition submitted to the court.

A lot of evidence was provided to the Civil Limited Jurisdiction Court in San Francisco supporting my case for defamation against my Nob Hill Notary business.  The other filing was a case of a third party Hollywood film horror special effects person, Rick Lazzarini, posing as the defendant in emails, a blog, YouTube videos and USENET forums that I had to dismiss my lawsuit.

Mr. Lazzarini also posed as me in contacts to the defendant to help his case since the two were familiar with each other.  It was the kind of case only highly seasoned attorneys could possibly deal with.  I couldn’t afford an attorney having exhausted my efforts so the case was abandoned with my filing a dismissal as Plaintiff.

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