Latest Strange Cloud Photography Above San Francisco, March-April 2021

Cat Face Cloud April 2, 2021 San Francisco
Face Cloud, April 2, 2021

It’s been a while but I’m back again to post my latest cloud photos above San Francisco.  I’m committed to keeping this newly renovated blog based in heavenly realms and not of the earth.  

The photo was taken on April 2, 2021 magnifies the face I saw smaller in the original I’ll post next. What I see is a cat’s face, with rounded eyes, a feline nose and lips.  In my humble opinion it’s an interesting photo to say the least.

The original photo. Maybe you can find the face I zoomed in on in the previous photo.
Soldier and Horse Battle Cloud, March 10, 2021

On March 10, 2021 these clouds reminded me of a painting masterpiece. It was taken in the Presidio section of San Francisco that shows a statue like soldier figure who appears to be headed for battle. I see a hint of a horse as he pulls on its straps to the left. 

Another photo on March 10, 2021 in Nob Hill when I happened to turn around to breathtaking cloud features.  I interpret this formation as a large hand reaching down from the sky.  The square-like cloud is full of many figures that those with an artistic eye will find by zooming in. 
Masquerade Cloud, March 11, 2021
This photo is was taken on March 11, 2021 in Nob Hill San Francisco. What I saw was a mask near the center of hallow eyes peeking behind the larger cloud with a bit of hair topping its head. Below at bottom right, there’s a unicorn figure. 
Creatures Riding Cloud, March 20, 2021

I waited for the right moment on March 20, 2021 to see a face pop out of this cloud. (See zoomed version below).  The face seems to be riding on the back of a creature with a large head.  

Zoom of Creatures Riding Cloud, March 20, 2021
As time progressed, I saw as the formation unfolded, the eyes, nose, the mouth of a creature riding behind another figure in this cloud. 
Mariner Figurehead Cloud, Artist Hand
March 11, 2021
This photo taken on March 11, 2021 is led by a cloud resembling what mariners place as a figurehead mascot at the head of their boat. (See zoom photo below)
Bottom left corner appears to be a clinched hand, as though an artist is resting from his work. 
Zoomed Mariner Figurehead Cloud
Note the zoomed figurehead and artist resting hand below left. 
The Crossing – March 10, 2021
Taken on March 10, 2021 above the Presidio area of San Francisco. Faces appear looking ahead into the distance in this cloud formation.
Two Head Clouds Look East, One West, March 10, 2021

Another taken on March 10, 2021 above the Presidio area of San Francisco. The fish head has many dimensions to it. The other men heads look like people from the 18th Century or something. Old man is facing west at the bottom with a beard.

Transparent Vehicle Cloud, March 12, 2021

This was the only cloud in the sky when I took it on March 12, 2021 from my apartment window.  See the zoom version below of what’s inside.

Zoomed Transparent Vehicle Cloud

Zoomed version, flipped over to see what’s inside better. I see a creature face at right, an outline near it’s another creature and toward the center of the body, it appears to be the head of another wide eyed creature.

This concludes most of the interesting cloud formations I photographed in March and early April, 2021. Much more to come I’m sure, I hope you enjoyed the photos and find them as interesting as I do.

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Clouds In San Francisco Show Patterns of Masquerade Up In The Heaven’s Above – August 23, 2020


Horned Mask, August 23, 2020

I have more spirits in the sky cloud photos since my last post, Mysterious Creatures in Clouds Photographed Above San Francisco On Day Fires Began in California August 18, 2020.  A few days after my last post, on August 23, 2020 around 1:00 p.m., I witnessed yet another mask up in the clouds, only this time it had horns!  

In the photo above, you can zoom in and see the mask in the bottom left magnifying glass along with what seems to be some large eyed crocodile creature at the bottom and what appears to be a small gathering of a few individuals directly below the mask.  


Mask Series 3 – August 23, 2020

Up above to the left I see a cat’s head but that’s just my interpretation.  On the other hand, the mask seems to be a good metaphor for the times we’re living in. The figures I see below the mask are under the god of this world we Christians refer to as Satan.  

I’ve seen a pattern forming of masks up in the sky that are far more than my interpretation. If you revisit my last post, you can see them forming there as well. I don’t retouch them, these are the shape of the clouds without alteration.  I can prove it by reverting them to the original on my iPhone and have a witness sign a notarized affidavit if necessary.  

This other photo was interesting, not as clearly defined though. Once again I see a masked figure in the upper right corner magnified. The other larger magnification is left to interpretation.  I see a few other but I’ll leave it up to the viewers to decide what they see with an artistic eye.  There’s actually far more things in these clouds then I magnify you can find if you zoom in on an iPhone that condenses the pixels best. 

Also see:

Mysterious Creatures in Clouds Photographed Above San Francisco On Day Fires Began in California August 18, 2020

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Look What Creatures Appeared In Clouds Above Skies of San Francisco on August 18, 2020 On Day of Fires!

Who’s Surfing Up There?

This is the first post of my new blog transition to Head Up In Clouds, based in Colossians 3:2, “Set your affections on things above in the heavens, not on things of the earth”.

Though I’m posting this first photo (left) to catch the visitor’s interest with a  dramatic sunset on the day the California fires started, I really want to begin posting hereafter in sequence from my iPhone timeline so everyone can witness how things rolled out that day.  

First, this photo above was taken on August 18, 2020 around 7:38 p.m. that showed unusual markings on a feathered body of some creature that I’ve never witnessed anything like  before! There’s also an eye with an iris you’ll see in the magnified version I’m posting next. The tiny figure above looks like some anomaly as well.  

Please understand I don’t touch up these photos, I only put in my copyright info, arrows/text and magnifiers on originals and, on rare occasions, I do crop the edges. I can revert them back to the originals on my iPhone to show they’re not my artistic work.

Click to Enlarge – zoom in to see the iris of eye if you can.

So in this post I’m going back to my iPhone timeline so the viewer can see how these photos all rolled out on August 18, 2020.  In other words, what had initially caught my attention to start looking at the sky again since I hadn’t taken cloud photos in a few months. The reason for the absence of photos as of late has been due to the fog.


Earlier that day at 12:25 p.m., I copied and cropped this photo for a podcast I did about FEMA camps and government contracts for slave labor rolling out in California. 
Click to Enlarge – This was the first cloud that started it all on August 18, 2020 I call the Military Tank cloud taken at 7:13 p.m.

The next section of photos followed my iPhone timeline of the opening metaphor of warfare from the tank as follows:

This photo taken at 7:25 p.m. seems to have all kinds of spirits in it but what caught my attention the most was a distant man’s head suspended in the air (top left). I show the original and magnified versions of what I call Man’s Head Repertoire.  Note the creature at the top right corner and its eyes and gaping mouth! Please forgive me for the naming convention, I don’t put that much thought into naming my photographs, can you tell?   
What follows is the magnified version:
Click to Enlarge – Magnified version of Man’s Head Repertoire – Man’s head top left.
Click to Enlarge – Many spirit creatures in this photo I named Birds of Prey since they exhibit feathered fowl. I also see fish creatures so the birds are feasting off of them apparently. There’s also a ghostly apparition with large fish eyes at top left I’ll magnify next.


Click to Enlarge – Magnified version of Birds of Prey.

This photo was taken three minutes later at 7:26 p.m.  Aside from the bird and wing shot I didn’t magnify that’s flying to the left, there’s a ghostly apparition figure with eyes and mouth gaping wide at top left.  The next magnifying glass down is a fish head with its mouth open and some creature on the right.  The next creature has its mouth open wide that resembles a rodent’s head and.  The last figure is elongated, I just got the head fish creature spitting out something.
Click to Enlarge — Taken one minute later at 7:27 p.m.  The creature at left is looking down toward the lower right of the photo.
Nothing that interesting here except I named it These Eyes, the eyes of two spirit creatures. The one at left appears to have the head of a rodent with iris’s of realistic eyes. 
Click to Enlarge – Just a plain sunset I zoomed in to take at 7:37 p.m.
Click to Enlarge – I see a lot of activity in this photo I’ll cover in the magnified version below.
This photo was taken at 7:37 pm even though it doesn’t look like it.  Keep in mind the sunset is way off in the distance on the west side of the sky. This blue sky is on the southeast of the sky that appears to be day believe it or not.  This photo is very odd I’ll cover in the magnified version what I see in the figures.
Click to Enlarge – I’ve got to be honest, I see doggies in this photo, one running on the right hand side.  
At the top left of the magnified version of this photo, I see a tiny hovering masquerade drama mask.  I then see a few dog heads and snouts on the next one to the right of the mask, and a dog running at far right.  I see a male figure at the top of the photo facing the right side of the photo.  None of it makes any sense.
Click to Enlarge
Back to the start of this post, to the feathered body of a creature with an eye with an anomaly figure appearing to be surfing or dancing on top of it.  This photo was taken at 7:38 p.m. and zoomed in significantly. 
Click to Enlarge – As the sunset in the west, the southwest sky was still blue full of strange spirits in the sky at 7:40 p.m.
Click to Enlarge – Speechless!
Well to summarize, this last photo is full of all kinds of crazy looking things.  I have to deduce NASA’s up to something with its electromagnetic frequencies again shaping the nanobot entrenched conductive clouds this way using templates in computers cutting clouds up in the sky remotely from their fusion centers.

Then after all these interesting photos of clouds I took came the dramatic ending of the photo roll that day, a bloody looking sunset due to the California fires in the area I call Devil’s Eye.
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Cheryl Meril’s Head Up In The Clouds Blog Transitions to Things of Heavenly Realms! [MIRRORED]


After several years of the second phase implementation of a 13 year old blog, I’m once again transitioning into a third phase of a new theme entitled Cheryl Meril’s Head Up In The Clouds related to the heavenly realms based on the Scripture, “Set your affections on things above, not on things of earth.” Colossians 3:2   

This idea came to me this morning from the Holy Spirit. What happened next after I quickly implemented a new title and blog url is I received my first phone call in two days, that from a little child! A baby’s voice was on the other end of the call from Crescent City, California and even called back again, then hung up. I interpret this timing as confirmation God wants me focusing on heavenly things not of the earth. 

Yes it’s true, back in the 1980’s I spent many years hanging out in Southern California at the Good Earth Restaurant, a natural food chain that had many locations near where I lived in the South Bay including Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Marina del Rey and Westwood. I loved their food and heavily caffeinated cinnamon tea having spent many hours there reading and socializing. The chain went bankrupt in the early 90’s likely because it permitted folks like me to remain on the property far too long being addicted from free refills of their iced tea. Decades later I still buy Good Earth Tea at the local grocery store.

My new blog will be phasing out earthly matters as I’m led, including man’s politics, in anticipation of leaving this world and preparing to be in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ll be going wherever His Spirit leads. 

My other Blog on Blogger entitled Cheryl Meril’s Head Up In Clouds

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Sociopaths Delighted To Force Human Evolution On Americans with DARPA’s Hydrogel Injections Using Military Invasion

My latest podcast discusses the consequences of cooperating with the U.S. Military’s coming attacks on we Americans with hydrogel injections to alter our DNA and human body with an alien-like material. Evolution anyone?

The crock propaganda over human evolution is coming to an end as pseudo science takes one final desperate leap to force experiments on the masses like stunted monkeys in need of a cure. 

See Has Human Evolution Come to an End? UNSW Darren Curnoe, Sydney, 2014

“These are not the glamorous changes the futurists like to focus on, but they are, I think, far more plausible ones, and ones with very real implications for science, medicine, multinational policy makers and governments around the world.” Darren Curnoe

This podcast showcases what Americans are really facing shrouded deception that the U.S. Military’s actually being deployed to inject every person with the hydrogel alien material. Hydrogel’s designed for the initial phase of becoming cyborgs and Bill Gates wants us updated, like he did his software, each month. 


In videos below also in the podcast, a former FEMA contractor of 20 years turned reborn Christian shared the enemy’s intent two weeks prior to the lockdown. Patrick Woods, author of various Technocracy topics, follows up with our need to resist the attack by not complying. James 4:7 

Audio clips in podcast are found in videos below.

Celeste Report
DARPA Deployment Hydrogel Mark of the Beast – March 4, 2020 


Patrick Wood, Technocracy News
Why Americans Must Say “I Won’t Comply”August 3, 2020


Has Human Evolution Come to an End? UNSW Sydney, 2014

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Why Do U.S. Medical Billing CDI Codes Include Beheading By Guillotine As Legal Intervention?

There’s a reason why I just took down my recent happy photo from the Internet that replaced my professional photo from 2009. Ever since the medical tyranny rollout and lock downs, my emotional demeanor has since changed along with everyone else’s. My emotions have especially dampened with the latest announcement California’s government has no intention of opening the state anytime soon. Thus, it’s starting to sink in that this is far more serious then anyone could have ever imagined so I decided to do more research.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s live updated map, just two days ago when I visited, California’s wasn’t even a hotspot for COVID-19!  I know because I took the screenshot below to forward to U.S. Attorney General William Barr to prove Governor Gruesome was overreacting shutting down the state.

 Click to enlarge – July 19, 2020 KFF live map photo
Two days after I forwarded this evidence, suddenly California’s NOT a hotspot? The map had dramatically changed on July 21, 2020:
 Click to enlarge
The Kaiser Family Foundation Map dramatically changed in 48 hours after I wrote U.S. Attorney William Barr that California was not listed as a hotspot on the KFF live map. Did Mr. Barr inform KFF they needed to up their numbers?

As Americans approach a dark time in human history forthcoming, one’s smile to the camera isn’t the norm any longer as we enter the recently announced reset of the world economy thanks to a coup de’tat of a bunch of psychopathic technocrats. Those in power as technocrats such as Bill Gates are preparing to kill off a large portion of the U.S. population. I have no doubt what’s coming.

The past few months I’ve been interested in observing human behavior patterns on YouTube of videos from the early 20th Century depicting the rather solemn pictorials of that era. Mostly I’ve noticed how very few people smiled or looked happy in photos that the spirit back then was dampened that most everyone had to work hard to make a living and money was scarce. Today we’re facing a far more dire situation from just poverty and the need to work hard being ominous more than at any time in human history.


An award winning HD film of a cable car moving towards the Ferry Building just days prior to the April 18, 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

To think it was only 114 years ago back in 1906 that a 7.9 earthquake struck San Francisco. It’s very interesting to watch the video of how they were living back then seeing the hustle and bustle down Market Street with cheap horse carriages, wood buildings, etc. This award winning video shows what it was like back then. Just to think how much has changed since that time boggles the mind!

In a mere 114 years since the earthquake, technocrats are nearing their goal of taking over the entire world that has far more reaching devastating repercussions to human beings and our planet today.


Spiro Skourus interviews technocracy expert and author Patrick Wood over what he believes is a genuine technocrat world takeover.

I’m sorry to say America especially is facing some very dark times up ahead due to technocrats taking over the the world economy implementing a new world order through algorithms. According to researcher and author whose an expert on technocracy, Patrick Wood, technocrats are rolling out “an other worldly system that’s never been seen before in human history.”


From a historical perspective, the United States of America’s legal system has never permitted execution by beheading but apparently such is no longer the case. This is likely due to Noahide Laws forthcoming that the codes were included to behead those who violate the new system that include Christians who worship Jesus Christ as Messiah that’s a form of idolatry according to the Noahides. See PDF CDI Codes – Beheading, Legal Intervention

Heads Up, Pun Intended, By Celeste Solum on CDI Coding granting legal intervention beheading billing payments.

A former FEMA disaster based contractor for 20 years turned reborn Christian, Celeste Bishop, aka Solum, provides insight into the CDI codes and what they mean within the law today that allow payments for beheading as legal intervention procedures.

“So, believe it or not, the ICD codes can be what is called a legal intervention. So
what is a legal intervention? It’s a civil law procedure when
someone is not part of a case and can join the case to make sure that
their interests get fairly represented. It is also something of a legal form, as we’re going to find out, of execution.”
Transcript of video Heads Up, Pun Intended, Celeste Solum July 21, 2020


CDI Codes – Beheading, Legal Intervention

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Satan’s Little Helper Governor Gavin Newsom Bans Singing In Churches, Executes Guidelines As Laws

Psycho Baby Blood Sucking Vampire Gavin Newsom

It seems the headlines lately of these times are reminiscent of The Onion that’s since come to life and thus I’m beginning to realize the dangers of my enjoying such satire years ago. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t laughing anymore since these things have become all too real in our faces! So why not take a look at today’s Governor Gavin Newsom a moment. Has he really become a sad Onion caricature of our times? How about more like Mad Magazine, the older more classic version?

Governor Newsom never fails to provoke jaw dropping mass neural chaotic response syndrome, especially in recent media announcements to attack his enemies, the people of California, having since abandoned his duties to protect by representation along with Christians he’s also preparing to facilitate depopulation and disposal thereof.

Come along with me on this wild ride back in recent history to revisit and possibly reconsider no longer supporting today’s Governor Gavin Newsom, some slick empty suit personality from a bad movie clearly willing to do anything to please his owners that include the Queen of England, United Nations and Chinese Communists, anything but the people of California! 

As the depopulation plan continues to roll out in what’s clearly a heavily targeted California, the terror the Governor knows is coming has been unfolding before our very eyes! Newsom’s latest absurdity has banned Christians from singing worship songs in California’s churches, something we would have imagined to see in The Onion’s satire archives.

I recall a couple years ago during Trump’s Supreme Court seat struggle provoking the huge women’s march in Washington D.C. of thousands of hysterical women protesting over abortion rights to kill their children up to the late term and beyond into infanticide. At such a disgraceful time in America’s recent history, Governor Newsom made it even worse by speaking to the rest of the nation asking women to bring their babies to kill in California. At that point I realized Gavin Newsom was too far gone into insanity and obedience to the devil he works for, that he truly is quite unfit to hold his office. 

Horror film screen writers get inspiration from Governor Newsom

Unlike a statesmen, a real Governor who honors his Oath to protect the U.S. Constitution as well as State laws, Newsom’s far away from his role in wacky loony tunes left field barking up the trees at churches. In fact, Gavin’s reminiscent of a vampire wanting to suck American baby’s blood as a faithful idiot to his beloved Democrat Party being one of its top cult members. For these reasons, I now think of Gavin Newsom as Governor Gruesome. See Governor Gruesome Newsom Cuts $80 Million from Veteran Nursing Budget — What He Does with it will have you Livid.

VIDEO: One Christian man’s shock over Governor Gruesome’s
ban singing in Church


I’ve never witnessed in my entire life as a native Californian over the past six decades a more perverse wicked politician then this Gavin Gruesome whose since come out as a death cult blood sucking vampire liberal cultist. This politician was bred for his position by his relative Rep. Nancy Pelosi, part of an alleged royal dynasty where he views himself as a prince working his way up to an imaginary Emperor of Rome figure.

Gavin Newsom’s accomplishments in California

Any decent society would remove this fallen disgraceful figure from office and send him to a place of rest to relieve his lack of basic manhood101 qualities for the job (e.g, protect fragile women and children). Governor Gruesome’s clearly not playing the role of protective strong male, but one of a Satanic occultist operating under a cloak of deception waiting to bring out his dagger to slice his way in the political arena like a Roman gladiator for the Queen.

I think Gruesome may even be worse then Nero of ancient Roman times as a wicked, evil horrible person who plans on slaughtering thousands of innocents in the near future one way or another. 

“Nero burns Rome and blames it on the Christians — Emperor Nero was one of the most diabolical of Rome’s Twelve Caesars. He practiced Machiavellian rules 1,400 years before Machiavelli wrote them. He used the absolute power he possessed to preserve himself at all costs.” Nero Burns Rome and Blames It On Christians, Early Church

Like Nero, Gruesome may be planning to blame Christians for spreading the virus more than any other group wanting to justify further consequences making us the primary problem in California.

To reiterate, there’s this idiot named Gavin Newsom, someone I recall was once Mayor in San Francisco years ago having been denoted as a former alcoholic adulterous sleazy piece of derelict trash who slept with his best friend’s wife. Gavin lost his soul to Satan and was later elected by swarms of reprobate fools to become today’s evil Governor of California. I once witnessed Gavin in Union Square San Francisco squatting with a young boy, one that didn’t get slaughtered by his mother like the rest. 

This so-called Governor thinks he can execute the “guidelines” from his Public Health Department turning them into the laws thus keeping society in an endless loop of chaos. Gavin knows where all of this is headed indeed, it’s all be scripted for him at the United Nations to follow to the tee.



Gruesome Newsom’s current position is that of an erect cobra attempting to hypnotize his prey as he waits to strike, he’s that dangerous! Taking every opportunity possible to psychologically attack Christians and other innocent citizens of the State he governs, including inviting baby’s sacrificial-llke deaths to the state, attacking the lives of babies he wants to kill in California. What a disgrace this man is! Eternal hell was created for fallen angles who Gruesome serves well with his words, actions and deeds.


Gruesome’s a soulless, godless parasite of humanity sucking the final life blood out of the State of California due to his depraved unrepentant degenerate soul. The worst Governor I’ve ever witnessed in my life time, that’s who he is. Satan’s little helper!

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Strange Spirit Beings Appear In Clouds Above San Francisco May 29, 2020


Spirit Clouds on May 29, 2020, 12:44 p.m.

I’ve been meaning to put up even more photos from my Spirits in Clouds Series since I have several to share from May, 2020. Some of these shots take an artistic eye to discern so I don’t assume everyone can fully witness what I see. However, if you can click on them and zoom in a bit you’ll likely see why I’m sharing these shots.

Many times I’ve denoted a pattern of story telling within circumstances of the timing of these pictures. For instance, back on March 16, 2020 when the first stay home order was issued for the next day, I saw what appeared to be a large pig’s head patrolling the sky with some angelic like figure attacking it from above. See All Seeing Eye Cloud, June 14, 2020,

In the photo (above) taken in Pacific Heights in San Francisco on May 29, 2020, I could see two faces, one at top right and the other at center I magnified. I also saw what appear to be sea creature faces swimming toward me at top left. In case you may be wondering, I wasn’t drinking! I haven’t had any alcohol since late 2012 after I was clipped by a car on my bike and nearly killed.

Spirit Cloud on May 29, 2020, 12:41 p.m.

As stated in my previous blog post, I Hereby Nominate Alpha Male Bill Gates – Trespasser of Souls Award, Bill Gates and NASA, according to author Elana Freeland, are purportedly rolling out nanobots seeding them in clouds thru nanotechnology. Nanobots form swarms that can be controlled remotely from U.S. military fusion centers according to Elana Freeland.

For instance, in the photo at left there’s a type of veiled face within a continual pattern I’ve denoted throughout the photo series of alien-like faces in clouds the military is possibly inserting to convince us they exist. The U.S. government’s official doctrine of mankind’s creation is we were created from aliens seeding life on earth so this roll out of aliens is NASA’s well known Project Blue Beam.

Here are more photos taken on May 29, 2020:

The next one seems to be some spirit at the top of the cloud as if riding a chariot! Feel free to zoom in.

Spirit Cloud in San Francisco

 Glorious Spirit Cloud on May 29, 2020 at 12:44 p.m.


In this shot below I see a couple flying in the sky, one with a hat. I see a man’s head beside her with their legs stretched out at left. In the story unfolding, their pet’s flying with them at right:

Two figures flying with their family pet at top right
on May 29, 2020 at 1 :42 p.m.

Strange Creatures on May 29, 2020, 5:59 p.m.

I hope you found this Spirits In Clouds Series interesting. I never have any problems finding interesting clouds above San Francisco! This time however, many pics were taken from a bike ride in Pacific Heights. The last two photos above happened later in the day taken from my apartment window where many have been shot from In Nob Hill over the past few years.



Why Visiting Trader Joes in Nob Hill San Francisco is Like Entering a Twilight Zone Episode.

A few days ago I released yet another podcast (below) of my concern over the manner customers are being treated at the local grocery establishments in San Francisco, namely Trader Joes and Whole Foods Market. 

Longstanding local patrons such as myself can share our experiences and observations with several venues that these stores seem to be under the state and city government’s iron fist dictatorial demands that they better conform to a military-like psyop on civilians. To hell with former thriving capitalist profits in the process (e.g., how selfish of TJ’s to want to profit during these dire times, a typical despicable Communist deranged attitude toward our former healthy economy)!

First off, I wanted to clarify I’ve had no initial intent to write about these issues because I’m grateful for these stores being here. In fact, nearly ten years ago I contacted Trader Joes‘ corporate when the Cala Foods Store announced its intent to close hoping they’d come here. 

I wanted to report evidence that Trader Joes and many other grocery establishments have apparently been regulated into low profitability to allow fewer people into its store at one time to the point to cause them to ultimately close operations leaving the community without grocery stores.  I’ve noticed they are now allowing even less people into their store to the point that the store is virtually empty due to irrational city requirements designed to close down these grocery enterprises.

I don’t believe these grocery stores would want to continue down this path sacrificing their
profits as capitalist enterprises in order to turn into an oppressive, vile military psyop operation on behalf of the Communist China Party (CCP) of its government officials to cooperate due to their coming 5G implementation now delayed until 2025. The CCP will have a back door into its 5G technology in order to control and imprison innocent Americans as a parasitic entity that wants to ultimately bring death and starvation to our nation while usurping our U.S. Constitution especially. It’s so sad to witness so many politicians in California willing to squander what other’s shed blood fighting for our freedom and liberty over 200 years ago. We should resist these efforts to overthrow our economy this way with all our might.

In summary, it’s really up to those in the community to help fight for these stores to remain by influencing sanity return with genuine efforts to reestablish the local free capitalist for-profit economy.

Grocery Stores Disallowed Capacity By Local Communist Influenced San Francisco and State Government Designed To Shut Them Down

I digress that my and others’ multiple experiences and observations have become an obvious pattern at this point thus necessary to point out multiple veiled threats to the future of this community that indicates these stores have shifted from corporate retail operations to that of being directed to treating customers like civilian prisoners barely tolerated. 

After waiting 20 min. line of 6 persons, store was empty.

For instance, this situation  is now so dire we invest much time waiting outside feeling unwelcome viewed as a burden to manage as if unruly spoiled children. We are then watched closely everywhere we go in the store as the employees eyeball our every move in an empty store.

The unreasonable state and city regulation requirements of store operations is clearly oppressing these grocery stores. It’s almost as if these stores sat down with Communist Chinese Party opposed to their profitability by pleasing their customers demanding they conform to treating customers as civilians under house arrest, aka spoiled prisoners!

For instance, we civilians are being ordered by the watcher assigned over us with demands to stand directly on the 6 foot measurement tape even if someone’s only 6 inches off the mark! This man (at left photo) pointed at the ground demanding adherence when someone was off the mark and proceeded to harass me among only six people waiting to enter the store.

First of all, there’s no scientific basis for this 6 foot demand to begin with that was initially rolled out as a recommendation. In my opinion, this methodology by the store of deliberate and calculated humiliation watching over adults in line as kindergartners is designed to get a message to the customer of state and city’s oppressive regulations to cause its customer to be unnecessarily treated and managed this way.

It also appears that Trader Joes is trying to let its customers know it’s incrementally shutting down its operation by forcing long wait times outside regardless of its virtually empty floors!  Last Tuesday I stood in a line with 6 people only to be harassed within 5 minutes witnessing a military like psy-op of demands everyone get exactly on the 6 foot lines.  

After waiting in a line of six people, I was finally let into the store 20 minutes later.  I then began shooting these photos of an empty store I waited so long to enter into.  Many cashiers stood alone without customers.  

When I finished purchasing goods only 10 minutes had passed as I walked out the store. I was shocked the line outside became huge with 25 people!  Why was the line huge? Because they were denying customers entry into their empty store front I had just walked out of. I’ve got the photos and a paranoid looking employee shopping like a ghost to prove what’s happening at Trader Joes.

After Waiting 30 Minutes In Line, Whole Foods Market’s Fascist Employee Rejected My Perfectly Good $20 Bill!

In another example of psy-op activity at local grocery stores abusing its patrons, after a long 30 minute wait at Whole Foods Market to process our grocery purchases, we are then humiliated to have our perfectly legal cash snubbed by an employee wearing gloves who didn’t want to deal with it.

As a result of this pattern of activities we experience and observe we understand we’re therefore no longer customers but prisoners at our local grocery stores being trained like dogs such as to not provide cash at Whole Foods Market that is rejected, complained over resulting in a summon of the manager to take care of processing. Employees at these grocery stores are rude, demanding and discourteous much of the time.

This denoted intolerance of our existence needing food and goods comes from loss of profits these stores endure by adhering to the State of California and local city government’s communist influenced plans they see no end forthcoming. In other words, the stores seem to be vastly winding down their retail operations strongly hinting they plan on withdrawing from the area in the near future leaving we civilians with long bread and soup lines and military invasion as President Trump announced last week.

Since neither Trader Joes nor Whole Foods Market‘s in business to become the U.S. military’s psyop surveillance program at the expense of their profitability, I believe the local mentally deranged Communists in both state and city governments influenced by the Communist Chinese Party are deliberately attempting to force these retail businesses out of the city with intent to starve the population while bringing in a national emergency armed forces. 

It’s our duty as citizens not to allow the corrupt local state and city government to drive away our source of goods and food in the city and make sure truckers won’t be hindered nor denied distribution by being blocked by those with evil intent such as these very twisted Communist bastards.

My latest podcast discusses the issues raised in this post.

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Prince of the Air Patrolling Above San Francisco – March 16, 2020

I’m starting a new posting series on short videos explaining photos I take of unusual clouds above San Francisco from 2015-2020. Many of these photos show what I believe to be spirits mentioned in the Bible as princes of the air.


I was on my way driving home from a customer in the Mission Delores area of San Francisco when I observed a very strange cloud.  The cloud appeared to be a large pig headed somewhere I managed to snap a shot of while the light was turning green.

Spirit in the Clouds Series, Patrolling the Sky – March 16, 2020
 The prince of the power of the air is said to be the Devil, whois a spirit making people disobedient to God. 1. The words “Satan” and “Devil” do not occur here. 2. “Walking”, v. 2, (i.e. living) according to the prince of the power of the air, is defined in v. 3 as living according to the lust of our fleshly mind.The Prince Of The Air
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