Cheryl Merrill, Singer/Composer

28 Oct

Ten years ago I wrote, sang and recorded a few songs featuring professional musicians in the San Francisco Bay area Sky Grealis on flute and John Halbleib on fugal horn.  I’ve recently decided to post them on Reverbnation and plan on recording Christian music in the near future.  New songs come to me all of the time so I’ve decided to begin a new genre of my voice under Christian.  For now, here are some of my former songs I created prior to repenting of my backslidden life in 2012 after a bike accident reminded me how short life can be.

I’ll update this page when my new Christian songs are released.  In the interim, I wanted to refer to my other blog  Jesus Saved Cheryl From Hell that has some urgent matters related to the dire end times we’re living in.  My pray life’s been growing a lot, I hope your’s is as well.  The world needs a lot of prayer for Christ’s salvation then ever before and time’s running out!  God bless you!

In Christ Jesus,

Cheryl Merrill

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