Cheryl Meril’s Judgment Award – 2010

03 Aug

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I’ve been under a lot of scrutiny for several years now and just wanted to put it to rest that there are crazy men who I don’t know who I filed lawsuits against after I became a singer performing in a public venue in 2007 as a recording artist and composer.  I believe both of these men refuse to stop writing things on the Internet in spite of the cases being over for many years now.

This is the outcome  judgment (the link’s published Issuu with details) in the San Francisco civil limited jurisdiction case in 2010.  It shows I was diligent to respond to crazy activities against me professionally with patience.  I obtained a paralegal certificate and conducted the case filing in pro se.

Depositions were conducted on both cases and a subpoena from AT&T confirmed IP evidence.  Much evidence was presented to the Court and Mr. Gray and his girlfriend showed up for the final hearing in order to give me angry looks in line.  The court did not allow either to testify since they never responded to the complaint that went into default even though they agreed to attend the deposition submitted to the court.

A lot of evidence was provided to the Civil Limited Jurisdiction Court in San Francisco supporting my case for defamation against my Nob Hill Notary business.  The other filing was a case of a third party Hollywood film horror special effects person, Rick Lazzarini, posing as the defendant in emails, a blog, YouTube videos and USENET forums that I had to dismiss my lawsuit.

Mr. Lazzarini also posed as me in contacts to the defendant to help his case since the two were familiar with each other.  It was the kind of case only highly seasoned attorneys could possibly deal with.  I couldn’t afford an attorney having exhausted my efforts so the case was abandoned with my filing a dismissal as Plaintiff.

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